Frequantely Asked Questions

1- Will the institute graduate become a member of the Egyptian general unions?

Yes, a graduate of the institute from the engineering departments becomes a member of the General Syndicate of Engineers.

2- What is the duration of the study system at the institute?

The minimum is five years, and you can view the entire study system from here.

3- What happens if you fail one of the courses?

Register this course again and study it in a regular group.

4- What happens if you feel that there is a mistake in your personal outcome?

You can submit a request to review your result.

5- How to apply to the institute?

Admission to the institute is through the University Admissions Coordination Office and the Institute at the Ministry of Higher Education, via the e-government website, by following the steps on the site, Joining The Institute.

6- How does a student who holds newly equivalent certificates and modern Azhar certificates apply?

Admission to the institute is by submitting the original documents of his file to the Coordination Office for the Coordination of Admission to Universities and Institutes at the Ministry of Higher Education at the main headquarters of Cairo University next to Bulaq Hospital, including:
  • The original academic qualification is certified and notarized.
  • Original birth certificate of the national number.
  • Model 2 Jund for Egyptian male students.
  • 6 personal photos.
  • 2 copies of the passport.

7- How do international students progress?

Admission to the institute is by submitting the original documents of his file to the (Expatriates Department) the General Administration for Accepting and Granting International Students at the Ministry of Higher Education at its following headquarters: 2 Shrine of Saad Zaghloul Street, off Al-Qasr Al-Ainy Street in Cairo.

8- Is there university housing for expatriate students?

Yes, there is an integrated university city for students wishing to live there. For more information, please refer to the university city page on the website.

9- Means of transportation to and from the institute?

The institute has a unit to manage transportation on all lines to transport students and faculty members to and from the institute from specific gathering places.

10- Does the institute insure the students?

Yes, the Institute insures students against accidents that may occur while carrying out the practical part in the workshops and laboratories. This insurance extends to include road accidents that occur while the student is traveling from the institute to his home.

11- Does the institute provide medical care?

Yes, the institute provides medical clinics at its headquarters for complete medical care for students, faculty members and employees.
Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology