Vision, Mission and Strategic objectives



The Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology aspires to achieve leadership and excellence in education, engineering training, scientific research, environmental development, community service, and graduate engineers with a high sense of social responsibility.



The Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology is committed to creating the appropriate environment for education, training, scientific research, cooperation with business owners, and ensuring professional and moral values in all the activities of the institute.


Strategic objectives

  1. An efficient administrative apparatus.
  2. A distinguished graduate capable of competing in the labor market.
  3. Teaching member armed with teaching and evaluation skills and capable of producing high-level scientific research and contributing to the development of the environment and community service.
  4. Environmental development and community service.
  5. Existence of distinguished partnership relations with the productive sectors and civil society institutions.
  6. Quality assurance and accreditation.
  7. Achieving an international prestige for the institute.
Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology