Information Technology

IT Management Goals

Raising the basic infrastructure and mechanization of the institute to benefit from the information revolution and provide access to information quickly and effectively. This has already been achieved through the provision of programs and equipment, building computer networks at the institute, and linking the institute to the Egyptian university network and electronic information sources for easy access to books, periodicals, and scientific research, and preparing the university community to deal with This revolution.


IT Management Tasks

1- Directing and managing the development, implementation, and follow-up of the Institute’s plan in information, communications, and various systems in support of the goals that the Institute seeks to achieve.

2- Provide all security measures for data systems against loss or misuse.

3- Developing the institute's basic management systems to ensure dealing and providing the administrative information required to assist in the effective decision-making process.

4- Providing training and guidance as required for users of the institute's information systems to ensure optimal use.

5- Familiarity with the developments in the field of information systems, and directing and managing the employees of the information technology department to ensure that they are paid and trained well, and to implement the responsibilities entrusted to them in accordance with the established standards.

6- The Institute's evaluation of information technology and coming up with appropriate solutions to meet the requirements of the Institute, whether with regard to software or hardware.

7- Providing technical support to the institute’s employees to help them solve the problems they face in computer programs or in the devices themselves or in any other technologies.

8- Organizing and managing the institute's databases to ensure efficient information management in support of making the right administrative decision and fulfilling the requirements of the educational process.

9- Designing and updating the Institute's website and related documents so that they are effective and easy to access and provide an excellent external interface for the Institute.

10- Develop and update computer networks and the Internet to provide an accurate and direct source of information for all students, faculty members, and employees of the Institute.

11- Making contacts with specialized companies and negotiating contracts for the design and provision of services that cannot be provided internally with regard to the website and the Internet.


To Contact The IT Department:

M: Mahmoud Othman, an official of the institute's website
For more inquiries, please send questions to

Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology