In line with the Institute’s plan to prepare trained technical cadres to work in the bodies that contributed to the training or debate of students, and so that this technical labor actually contributes to increasing the productivity of these bodies with high efficiency without noticeable material or time costs after their graduation, so the current training list was developed to implement this in practice :

First: Objectives of the summer training:-

The summer training aims, in general, for the student to obtain practical experience in:

  1. Acquire industry ethics and the importance of commitment and production accuracy.
  2. Reading the technical drawings and works related to the technological aspects of the factory (civil, mechanical, electrical or architectural) and getting acquainted with the technical terms related to that.
  3. Operating the systems of the various units in the training body.
  4. Understand the function and characteristics of each of the basic units in the plant and their location in the production plan.
  5. Understand the relationship between the basic units and the ways in which they are integrated across the production line.
  6. Detection of malfunctions and maintenance of the systems of the various units in the training area.
  7. Leading small groups of technical staff and coordinating between intermediate products in an optimal way.

Second: The method of distributing students to training places:

  1. The heads of the departments, in cooperation with the Training Department, determine the best suitable places for training. The Training Department, in coordination with the departments, conducts a comprehensive survey of the factories and companies in which the Institute can conduct training, and accordingly these places are divided according to specialization and training levels, and this data is updated annually.
  2. Review the training supervisors (the academic supervisor - Eng. Training Department) to benefit from the follow-up of the practical supervision.
  3. It is preferable that the student change his training places every year, successively.

Third: Steps and instructions for training registration:

First: The student receives a letter addressed to the company in which he wishes to train.

Second: The student submits the approval he obtained from the company to the Training Department and then fills out the form.

Third: The student registers the training in the control along with the registration of the remaining subjects for the third term.


  1. Commitment to the start and end dates of training registration.
  2. The student is not allowed to register after the registration deadline.
  3. A student may not register more than one training during one semester.
  4. A student may not register in more than two companies during one semester.
  5. A minimum of thirty (30 days) training days are spent during the semester.
  6. The student submits an original certificate from the training authority stating the period he spent in the company and the company's evaluation of him.
  7. If the student does not submit the original certificate from the training authority, the result will be withheld.
  8. The student submits to the discussion committee a report on his training and attaches to it a copy of the training certificate in addition to the original certificate.


Dwonload Training Rules

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