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The Department of Student Welfare at the Institute is an important pillar to serve the students of the Institute and is keen to inculcate moral and spiritual values ??among the students of the Institute. Student care is concerned with the activity practiced by students in their spare time, which leads to the development of a sense of comfort and freedom and enables them to get rid of excess physical and emotional energy. The Department of Student Welfare also provides A group of student services through various committees (scientific, sports, social, cultural, artistic, itinerant, families) with the aim of developing their social experiences and achieving physical and psychological fitness, as well as preparing the individual for social and practical life. All students gain managerial skills and boldness in making decisions.

From this standpoint, the Student Welfare Department at the Institute seeks to consolidate the relationship between the administration and students, document and activate the positive role and active participation in external competitions organized by the Central Department for Student Welfare at the Ministry of Higher Education. The internal affairs, such as organizing sports courses, seminars, social and cultural research, and the formation of the roving clan and various student families.

Student support document

The administration of the Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in New Minya seeks to facilitate the educational process and support its various components to raise the level of graduates, provide all means of success and improve the level of performance in line with quality requirements and accreditation standards. According to Law (No. 52 of 1970) regarding the organization of private higher institutes and the institute’s internal regulations, and in light of the institute’s desire to implement the requirements of accreditation standards set by the Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation Authority, a plan has been developed to support students.

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