Community Service

The unit of the environment surrounding the area surrounding the facility, providing services and contributing to the environment of the environment, whether the surrounding area is represented in the industrial area in New Minya or within the scope of the Minya region in general. HiaMara Group Group Group Group.


The Legal Framework Of The Unit:

The unit was established under the condition of a decision. Dr. Dean of the Institute No. (232) dated 29/12/2018.

The Institute's Vice-Dean for Community Service Affairs and Environment follows the Institute's organizational structure.

Because of our belief in communicating with civil and local society, which is one of the elements of development in society, "the state - the private sector - civil society," this department was created at the institute coinciding with the beginning of activating the quality activities at the institute for the following objectives:

  • Communication and construction between the institute as an entire education civil society.
  • Activating joint cooperation in all activities between the Institute and civil society.
  • Develop solutions to problems in the context of the social environment between the institute and community institutions.
  • Setting future visions between the institute and community institutions in all development activities and tracks.
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