Public Relations

The Public Relations Department is an essential link between the Institute and its administrations and between students, institutions and various bodies, and highlights the vital position of the Institute. Therefore, the role of public relations is growing significantly with the increasing importance of the institute, the multiplicity of its visitors and the diversity of the personalities that come to it, and the tasks and duties of public relations on several administrative and technical levels, in addition to the basic tasks related to preparing organizational arrangements and time programs for organizing cultural gatherings of all kinds, and these arrangements require the provision of Information and data about the institute, its services, as well as its current and future development projects, and presenting it to the stakeholders.

The Public Relations Department also cooperates in providing publications and publications that reflect the nature of the institute's services and activities, and this cooperation extends to strengthening relations with various bodies and their representatives, and informing the various interested groups of society about the accomplishments achieved by the institute.

The Public Relations Department is responsible for the following:

1- Issuing bulletins and media programs aimed at introducing the role, activities and competencies of the institute, in coordination with the concerned administrative units.
2- Follow up on topics published in newspapers and media outlets related to the institute and its competencies, presenting them to the officials and preparing a response to them.
3- Make arrangements for travel, hospitality and accommodation for the Institute's guests and for visiting and departing delegations, in coordination with the concerned administrative units.
4- Organizing cultural, social and sports activities for the Institute’s employees, and supervising the celebrations it holds or participates in.
5- Organizing conferences, seminars and exhibitions held by the Institute, and preparing the necessary budget for this, in coordination with the concerned administrative units.
6- Coordination with the competent administrative units regarding the preparation of environmental awareness and education plans and programs and their implementation through various events and activities.

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Public Relations at the Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in Minya
To contact the Public Relations Officer:
Mr. Amr Shaaban
Mobile/WhatsApp: 01005576611

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