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Electrical and Computer Engineering: It is a specialization concerned with the study and applications of electrical, electronics, communications, control and computer systems sciences.

This field became known in the late nineteenth century, after the spread of the telegraph and power supply stations. Now this field covers a number of sub-topics including energy, electronics, automatic control systems, signal processing, wireless communications, computer science and integrated circuits.

Electrical engineering deals with the study and design of many different electrical and electronic systems, such as electrical circuits, generators, motors, transformers, magnetic materials and other electromagnetic and electromechanical devices.

Department vision:- The department aims to be distinguished locally and regionally by providing engineering programs and scientific services aimed at developing and serving the community in accordance with international standards of total quality.
Department mission:- The department is committed to preparing distinguished graduates capable of creativity and innovation to meet the needs of the labor market and community service. The department is also committed to continuous work on developing its educational and training programs, as well as developing the department's research plan to keep pace with continuous scientific development.

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