Offices Of The Vice Deans

CEO & Dean of Institute:

 Prof.Dr. Gamal El-Din Ali Abouelmagd

  • Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Minia University.
  • Former Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, from 2008 to 2014.
  • Former President of Minia University from 2014 to 2018.

Tel : 0862290603 

Fax: 0862290600

Tel of Secretary: 0862290608


Vice Dean for Education and student affairs:

 Dr. Amal Hasouna

Vice Dean for Community service and environmental development:

Dr. Nagla Kamal


Assistant Secretary General of the Institute:

Major General / Mohamed Abdel Hakim

Tel: 0862290604

Prof. Dr.'s speech
Prof. Dr. Gamal El-Din Ali Abu Al-Majd
(Former President of Minia University)

My dear students I take the opportunity of the beginning of the new academic year to congratulate all the students of the Institute, old and new, on the new academic year, and for our new students. You are required to follow the path to bring our beloved Egypt to the fore among the nations of modern civilizations.
In your transition from the secondary stage, in which you achieved honorable excellence, to the university stage, in which we wish you continued excellence and advancement, you are going through more than an important transformation. It has a greater area of ??freedom, and this freedom must be accompanied by a greater sense of responsibility on your part in order to achieve what is desired from it in developing your abilities for creation and creativity, and it will not be, God forbid, a path to defect or loss.
As you move from high school to university, you will find that the role of the university is not to indoctrinate you with available information, as this information is currently changing at an accelerated degree, but the role of the university is to provide you with skills and the ability to search for information.
 I also assure you that we are all working on qualifying young engineers to work in the field of specialization for the benefit of society.
My sons and daughters, male and female students, I pray to God that your efforts be crowned with success and that your studies at the Institute be fruitful, successful and filled with happy memories. Greetings to all of you and success.

Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology