Monitoring of the mid-term exams for the first semester of the year 21-22

Prof. Dr. Jamal Al-Din Ali Abu Al-Majd, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Dean of the Institute, made an inspection tour to follow up the conduct of the mid-term exams for the first semester of the academic year 2022/2021, reassuring his Excellency that the committees were distributed according to the prescribed numbers and the commitment of faculty members, their assistants and employees to the work of monitoring and observation.
During his inspection tour, His Excellency also reassured the application of all precautionary and preventive measures in accordance with the standards announced by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, which contributes to achieving the maximum levels of sterilization, disinfection and safety, and the commitment of all faculty members and their assistants, workers and students to receive the vaccination of the new Corona virus.
His Eminence also affirmed his constant keenness to provide all means of support and care necessary for students during their examinations, to create conditions within the committees, to facilitate students and to provide an appropriate healthy environment that includes quality ventilation and maintenance of adaptations and lighting.
With sincere wishes of success and success to all our students.

Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology