ITI - Information Technology Institute (Minya) - Winter-Training

The Institute of Information Technology announces the opening of applications for mid-year training for students of the universities and institutes of Minya Governorate affiliated to the Supreme Council of Universities in the following specializations:
-Python Development
-Computer Vision
-Database Development
-Front End Development
Training starts from Sunday 6-February to Thursday 17-February in the online education system
Study 5 days a week from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon
- Priority for admission to the last academic years, then the priority of submission, taking into account the appropriate academic disciplines and the desires of enrollment for each student
At the end of the training and the student’s completion of the content requirements, the student will receive a certificate of completion of training at the institute for 60 training hours
- In the event that it is not possible to attend from home, the student can submit an application to the administration of the Institute to attend from the headquarters
Note 1: Training is completely free
Note 2: The student does not receive a training certificate in the event of one day absence without prior permission and an excuse acceptable to the administration of the institute
Note 3: The student does not obtain a training certificate in the event of his absence for more than one day, even with prior permission

You can apply through this link (the deadline for submission is Wednesday 2-February at 4:00 pm):

Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology