Suggested Schedule For The Second Mid-term Exams 2022-2023

The mid-term exams for the Second Semester of the Academic year 2022-2023 start on Saturday 1-4-2023 until Wednesday, 12-4-2022.
Click here to download the proposed schedule for the Second semester midterm exams for the year 2021-2022


Important note:
The announced schedule is proposed until Tuesday, 22-3-2023 , To submit a proposal, the following links for each section are entered and the data is written in full (the proposal must be sent from his account only) to study the proposal from the Schedule Committee.
• Perp-2022
• Perp-2011
• Civil Engineering Department
• Department of Architecture
• Department of Mechanical Engineering, Division of Mechatronics
• Department of Electrical Engineering
• Combined Courses

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