Summer Military Education

Registration for the summer military education course has been opened from 1/3 to 15/3/2022 with daily attendance system for 15 days during the vacation at the end of the current academic year 2021/2022.
Course registration system: The course fees are paid to the institute’s treasury in the amount of 475 pounds only, and the payment receipt is delivered to the military education official in the Student Affairs Office and ensures that his name is registered in the course.
Course work system: The uniform for the course is received from the institute’s stores, and attendance at the course without the official uniform is prohibited, taking into account the hair and beard cutting.
- The course starts on Saturday for a period of 15 days from its date and attendance is daily except for Friday, which is the official rest day for the session.
Course attendance system: the day of the session begins with the morning sports queue at eight in the morning, and attendance and absence are recorded. Those who fail to attend the queue are considered absent.
- The first lecture begins after the end of the sports queue. At the end of the lecture, attendance and absence are recorded in the course statement, and then a break of half an hour is taken before the time of the second lecture.
A surprise test is done at the end of the first week of the cycle.
A final exam is held at the end of the second week of the course.
Please note that in case of absence for more than two days or failure to attend the sudden or final exam or lack of discipline or commitment during the days of the course, the student will be considered as failing.
This is in accordance with the instructions of the Military Education Department, led by the Popular and Military Defense Forces

Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology